Monday, August 13, 2012


This weeks game at the SESWC was a 28mm WWII game of an action in Holland in 1944.  Colin Jack supplied all the figures for this game.  I supplied the buildingsand the river.  Once again the  terrain mat we used for this game was a large sheet of faux (teddy bear) fur which gives the look of sunny wheat fields.

This platoon level action involved US infantry and Polish paratroops with some armoured support attempting to cross a defended canal bridge.   It was played on a 8ft by 6ft table using the Rules of Engagement rules. Ray and Isaac Neil commanded the US troops while Bart commanded the Polish paratroops.  Scott  and I commanded the German defenders.

German HQ with vital canal bridge behind - river by Last Valley
The composition of the forces, their armoured support, deployment and arrival times were generated randomly.  I was quite happy as the Germans ended up with a 2 squad  infantry platoon supported by a MG section, mortar section and a 75mm ATG.  In addition a Panzer IV was due to arrive on turn 3.

In the end the game turned into a fair disaster for the Germans.  We watched the allied advance - our hidden infantry holding fire except for indirect fire from the concealed mortar which proved completely ineffective.
Our Panzer IV arrived on turn 3 and immediately came under opportunity fire from the Cromwell supporting the Polish paras.  Bart rolled a 6 to cause a hit, a 6 to hit the suspension, and a 6 for effect which smashed the suspension and secondary explosions which caused the tank to brew up! 

Panzer IV burning....
We then opened up with our infantry but at that point Colin revealed that 2 squads of Dutch resistance fighters were hiding in the block of buildings which housed our HQ section and MG.  Campbell commanded these troops and they immediately fired and charged into hand to hand contact.  After a vicious fight they were broken but they reduced the HQ and MG sections down to 1 figure each. 

Dutch resistance in british uniform surprise the MG section
 On our left flank the US infantry supported by a Priest drove back one of our squads and the US troops succeeded in getting a line across the canal and used this to swim across.  At the same time another US squad simply ran down the main road supported by the fire of the Polish paras and crossed the bridge unopposed whilst my troops were engaged with the resistance.

Game over - US infantry rush the bridge unopposed
 At this note the game ended being declared a major allied victory.  Once again Rules of Engagement seem to work well for this scale of action.


  1. Great report and photos Bill.

  2. Once again your reports and pics do not disappoint! Great stuff!

    Oh btw played my first game of BP and loved it!


  3. Nice looking game Bill.
    who makes the building the German HQ was in?