Sunday, June 3, 2012


As I said in my last blog this week I took my Oriskany 1777 game to Wappinshaw, the Glasgow Wagames, show representing my club the SESWC.  The show is now held in the exhibition hall of the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall which is a fine venue absolutely in the city centre.  Thanks to everyone who spoke to us about the display - we had lots of interest.  Most questions were about our Teddy bear fur - faux fur - terrain mat - I am sure textile shops in Scotland will be busy this week.

This time with the aid of Donald Adamson we managed to present the display and play it as a game slowly over the day.  We must have played 12 moves and it was a hard fight with each side only losing1 unit in that time.  Probably the least bloody game of Black Powder ever! Outstanding features were the appalling command rolls - 6 blunders were thrown - and amazing saving throws from hits.  The order of battle is as per the refight of the game at Albanich 2012 except that this time I gave the Patriots a light gun which never go into position to fire during the battle.

More photos of the Oriskany game and the show at flickR

Fort Stanwix under siege....3rd New York the defenders

Display - note militia columns coming on table

Besiegers open fire

Loyalist indians in action...Gen Herkimer looks on

Big SYW Kunersdorf game using Piquet

1st Crusade - using Impetus


  1. We had lots of fun chatting to people @Wappinshaw, in what is, I think, a very nice city centre venue. We do hope that you all come to Claymore!

    Rubber tomahawks and water muskets were the order of the day -- remarkably few casualties -- just as well as one of my brigades got so lost when off the table, that I couldn't help thinking that some Loyalist spies had been messing around with the signposts at some crossroads.....

  2. Wonderful looking game you put on!!


  3. Did the Stockbridge Indians ever get their Lattes?

  4. It looks realistic. Beautiful model.

    Regards Slawek.