Sunday, May 20, 2012

Somewhere in Manchuria 1930s 28mm T&T

This weeks game at the SESWC was something different - a 28mm Sino-Japanese War action.
Manchurian train with its railway guard troops.
The troops and scenario were supplied by Colin Jack. The action involved the ambush of a Manchurian Railways armoured train by a small force of Chinese regulars. A second larger force of lower quality Chinese troops aided by local bandits took up position in a nearby village through which any relieving Japanese force would have to come.

Chinese bandit cavalry wait to pounce...
The ambushers had the better luck during the initial exchanges of fire and when the relief force of Japanese army and naval infantry arrived in front of the village they also suffered heavy casualties. Later the luck began to favour the Japanese who launched a series of Banzai bayonet charges on the Chinese troops holding the buildings.

Type 89 supports naval infantry
Eventually the Chinese tried to assault the train but the Japanese defenders held on. Elsewhere, the relief force were sweeping through the village but their Type 89 medium tank was attacked by an improvised Chinese anti-tank weapon which scored a hit on the motor.

Chinese Mk1 anti-tank waepon in it a rickshaw or a wheelbarrow?
Victory was awarded to the Japanese players. We used the Triumph and Tragedy rules which gave a fast, fun game.


  1. Nice game Bill. It dragged me away from the pool for 5 minutes.


  2. Hey Bill Ok is that really an elephant with a makeshipft IED attached to the front? LOL ok who sacrificed the poor ancient elephant for that suicide mission / wouldnt you have to roll to see if the funny looking sounding machine scared the elephant to run like a bull in a china shop through the village?

  3. Very novel idea for a game. And a train! And a rickshaw AT weapon! Brilliant! I take it those are 15s? Good stuff whatever the scale.

  4. Yes they are all 28mm scale. The train is On30 scale - that is effectively narrow O guage - O gauge vehicles running on OO guage track.

  5. Game really looks great! I like the period as well as it's something off the beaten path.