Saturday, November 26, 2011

This week - Review of LAOK and some new troops

I did not get to any games this week so I have added a new page with a review of  The Last Argument of Kings from Warlord games.  This is the first official supplement to Black Powder.

In addition I have completed basing up more troops that I had painted by Reinforcements By Post in Bangladesh.  There are some reinforcements for the upcoming 1812 Russian Campaign anniversary and the first elements of a long term project for a Prussian Army to help out in the 1813-14 anniversaries.  Bases are MDF from Warbases, Silflor tufts from Mutineer Miniatures, flags by GMB and Maverick.  Here are some photos:

Frontrank Polish Lancers of the Guard

Steve Barber Dismounted Russian Pskov Dragoons
Steve Barber Cossack horse artillery crew

Calpe Prussian 5th Dragoons Brandenburg

Calpe Prussian 2nd Dragoons West Prussia

Calpe Prussian Foot Artillery

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