Sunday, August 21, 2011

This week 1866 and some Napoleonic Reinforcements...

This weeks game at the SESWC was something different. Gerry Henry is working on another refight of an 1866-70 battle. Last year he produced a refight of Worth 1870 with detailed contoured terrain and this year’s project is Nachod 1866.  Gerry is testing out new rules and we tried a practice game of the Piquet rules using 10mm Prussian and Austrian figures. Gerry provided all the figures and worked as the hard pressed umpire.  As this was a trial game our normal scenery was dispensed with and we used very basic scenery.

Massed Austrian infantry advance on thin Prussian left flank
A full report of the game is on Angus Konstam’s Edinburgh Wargames site see link below.

The rules worked but some obvious issues came up with the card based initiative - order system. As an example the Austrian side in the last 5 turns of the game never got an opportunity to unlimber their guns or change their formations. Hence my infantry were easily ridden down by the Prussian cavalry.

This week I have completed some more new units for my Napoleonic collection.  A regiment of the British 1st Kings Dragoon Guards and 2 battalions of the Chasseurs a Pied of the French Imperial Guard.  The Chasseurs may well be appearing in next weeks 1812 Russian campaign game.

Chasseurs a Pied of the Guard - Foundry Figures

1st Kings Dragoon Guards - Front Rank figures