Friday, August 15, 2014


This week’s game at Hugh Wilson’s was another test to try out my draft 1860-1870 period Ironclad naval rules.  I had revised the initiative and movement system whilst I was on holiday in Majorca this year.  There were 10 players involved while I umpired and explained the rules.  The table was 13ft by 5ft - my thanks to Hugh for creating the seascape.

Overall view at start of game - US gunboats steam into action - Monitors enter thru 2nd strait
This fictional scenario involved a Union force attacking a confederate bay with 2 harbours.  Their objectives were to suppress the coast defences, capture a commerce raider which was trying to break out to the sea, and blockade the 2 harbours. 

Union gunboats manuevre away from the CSS ironclads
The Union had 6 monitors and 5 gunboats versus 6 Confederate ironclads and 4 cotton clad rams/gunboats supporting a large coastal fort and 2 shore batteries.
Action underway - Fort Sumter and it's supporting rams face the monitors

The game went well and no obvious problems were found with the rules though I think I may look at increasing the effect of ramming.  At the end of the game no ships had been sunk but 3 ships and the impressive Fort Sumter lookalike had struck their colours and another 4 ships broke of action and fled.  In the end it was a marginal Union victory.  Our next game will be another test of these rules.

USS Tecumseh rammed twice in a single turn
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  1. Great looking game Bill! I do like the Fort Sumter lookalikes.

    1. Rodger
      Angus Konstam painted all the ships and the forts. The Fort Sumter model is very impressive. I need more unarmoured ships. Hopefully a project for later this year.

  2. Great photos Bill and I thoroughly enjoyed the game and the rules seemed to be working really well, looking forward to the next one.

  3. Very nice looking game; love the terrain and ships!