Sunday, August 10, 2014


On Friday Dave Paterson, Scott Duncan and I played a 6mm variant of my Black Powder Brandywine scenario.  Dave Paterson has just completed his very pretty 6mm AWI collection so we decided to give them an outing.  We staged the game in my garage using an 8ft by 6ft section of my TSS tiled table with Dave providing the bulk of the terrain.  The layout was based on the map of Brandywine in the Maurice rulebook.  We used the alternative move sequence and 50% ranges and movement.  Dave’s standard infantry units comprise 64 figures – 4 bases of 16 on 40mm by 30mm bases.

British centre right prepares to cross the creek
 For this game we allowed the Brandywine Creek to be fordable by infantry and cavalry along it’s entire length with artillery limited to crossing at the known fords.  Given this the British commander Dave decided to forego the historic flank march and just launch the entire British and Hessian force across the creek.  I commanded the British right wing of 2 British brigades and a Hessian brigade whilst Scott took on the challenge of commanding the Patriots.

The struggle on the right centre - British elites wade the creek - militia deploy on Patriot right
 It proved to be a good game with the Patriots succeeding in comprehensively outshooting the supposedly superior British.  They even took the battle to the British and one Brigade crossed the Brandywine Creek.  Their poorest troops, the militia brigade, who had been held back in reserve advanced and drove back and then broke the British far left wing!  Once 4 of the 6 British brigades were broken we conceded the game to the Patriots.
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Hessian grenadiers engage the Continentals


  1. Great looking game Bill. Nice score with this 4 on 6 brigades broken... Dave's figures are very well painted. I like them a lot!

  2. Nice looking game and enjoyable report. I'll be visiting Brandywine this year along with Gettysburg and Antietam which I'm pretty excited about.


    1. I've visited all three. Brandywine is fairly small while Antietam if of moderate size. Gettysburg is fairly large. The South Mountain battlefields are near Antietam but are off of the beaten path.