Saturday, August 30, 2014


This week’s game at Hugh Wilson’s was a further test to try out my draft 1860-1870 period naval rules.  I had revised the rules again whilst I was on holiday in Madeira last week.  This time there were 4 players involved and I umpired and explained the rules. 

CSS Governor Moore rams the US double ender USS Mattasesett
As before this was a fictional scenario involving a Union force attacking a confederate bay with a harbour but given the smaller number of players I reduced the number of squadrons but increased their strength.  The Union objectives were to suppress the coast defences and capture a commerce raider which was trying to break out to the sea.  
View from south end of the table
The Union had 4 monitors and 4 gunboats versus 3 Confederate ironclads, 4 cotton clad rams/gunboats, a commerce raider supporting a large coastal fort and 2 shore batteries.
CSS Tennessee takes on 2 of the monitors
The game went well and the rule changes worked well.  I think they are almost there.  At the end of the game the Union had lost 3 ships sunk and the Confederacy 2 ships sunk.  They were all unarmoured ships.  The Confederate rams and the forts were getting the better of the fight with the monitors.  Amazingly no ships struck their colours.   We decided that it was a marginal Confederate victory. 

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Bart Zynda has written a report of the game on his blog


  1. I agree with Rodger. The bases are pretty, give a great sense of movement through the water.
    I hate Confederate rams, I have gone to the bottom may times on the sharp end of one.

  2. Another great looking game of ACW naval Bill. As the others have said, these games really are a visual feast!