Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Last Thursday I went to Hugh Wilson’s for the continuing 28mm Back of Beyond game – it was evening 3 of the game.  I played the Bolshevik’s on the first evening see my report at

I missed the 2nd evening as I was on vacation in Majorca.  My Bolshevik command was then taken over by Tim Wilson so Colin Jack decided to act as full time umpire and I took over command of his Imperial Japanese interventionists. 

Disabled Chinese gunboat drifts downstream ......
My troops spent the game skirmishing with the Chinese troops who held the main town whilst keeping a wary eye on the Chinese bandits who claimed to be my allies.  Highlights of the evening were watching the disabled Chinese gunboat drifting of the table and the unfortunate fate that overwhelmed the Czech Legion.  Bart commanding the Czechs abandoned the gold reserves and fled with all his troops to the harbour where they boarded a junk.  Just as it had got underway they were strafed ineffectively by my Japanese aircraft but then the junk was blown to pieces by the Chinese field gun.  There were no survivors!

Air attack on the Czech junk - Japanese airpower
A major cavalry struggle took place for the gold reserves between the Chinese bandits of Campbell and Donald’s Mongolians from which the Mongolians emerged victorious.  They carried the gold away to their mountainous Buddhist temple and this was enough for them to be declared the winners.

The grim struggle for Train No 1 and the gold reserves

My photos from both the games I attended with descriptions are at


  1. Yet another wonderful looking game bill!


  2. Looks superb Bill. The first people I thought of when I saw the pic that accompanied the title of the post on Blogger was you, Dave and Colin! Memories of SESWC of course.

    It looks like you all had a great time and that Hugh provided you all with suitable refreshments?


    1. Yes - it was a fun game.
      Susanne provided the usual pre-game catering.