Saturday, May 31, 2014


I had 2 games this week.  On Monday at Falkirk and District Wargames club Dave Paterson and I played a Black Powder AWI game using my collection of figures.  Dave commanded the Patriot force below:
1st Brigade
2 Militia units
Militia skirmishers (small unit)
2nd Brigade
Continental unit
Militia unit
Continental riflemen (small unit)

Dave advancing the Patriot forces
Whilst I commanded a force of British troops who were blockading a small settlement who were awaiting the arrival of the Patriot relief column.
1st Brigade
71st Highlanders
Butlers Rangers (small unit)
Canadian militia (small unit)
2nd Brigade
3 Indian skirmishing bands (small units)

The terrain on the 6ft by 4ft table was largely wooded with the open areas designated by snake fencing.  All the commanders were rated at level 8.  It proved a victory for the British and Indians who managed to break 4 of the 6 patriot units without losing a single unit.
Patriots engaging the British in the open ground.

On Thursday at the SESWC I took part in a 1940 Bolt Action game which Campbell Hardie designed.  It was due to be  French delaying action versus a German force but Campbell forgot the German infantry who had to be substituted by Italians but using the German transport and armour.  Bart Zynda and Ray Neal commanded the axis troops and Colin Jack and I commanded the French.  Campbell umpired and provided all the models..

Axis light armour takes on the Senegalese
It was hard fought game with the Germans concentrating on dealing with the best French troops – squads of Alpine Chasseurs and Senegalese infantry.   The French with a 25mm AT gun,  obsolete Laffley White and Citroen Schneider ACs managed to knock out the Geman SD222, Panzer II and one of the SD251s.  The Italians managed to get a 105mm how into range of the building held by the French recruits but it was suppressed by fire from the armoured cars.   A reinforcing squad of dragon portes  took out an Italian squad and then assaulted the 105mm How – amazingly the 10 attackers scored only 1 hit and the 3 surviving gunners scored 2 hits wiping out their opponents.  That was the low point of my game.  Despite this debacle we agreed that the game was clearly a victory for the French.

French infantry assault the 105 with disastrous results....merde


  1. Bill

    Have you picked up that it is bring your own boards and terrain for the next few weeks at
    FDWC as we can't access the storage area


  2. Those games look fantastic Bill!