Sunday, May 11, 2014


This Saturday I went to the Falkirk Wargames Club's show Carronade 2014.  I supported the SESWC 28mm Bolt Action Normandy 1944 Invasion display game.  Colin Jack provided all the troops from his collection. Hugh Wilson provided the portable sandy beach, the beach defences, the cliff and the lighthouse.  Colin Jack and Ray Neal provided an interesting display of WWII memorabilia while Campbell Hardie and Tim Watson took the lead in playing thru the game. 
SESWC - Anglo-Canadian invasion
Our display was judged 2nd best at the show.Other highlights of the show were the Old Contemptibles really pretty Gleaming Katanas game which won best display, The Iron Brigades ACW game and Kirriemuir Wargames club’s Macedonians versus Tharians ancient game.  The Border Reivers put on their unusual Battle of Trafalagar Square Miners Strike game.
Kirriemuir's good looking ancient game

Old Contemptibles wonderful Gleaming Katanas game

Iron Brigade ACW game
The outstanding PP game for me was the Dam Busters game put on by RAF Leuchars (Veterans).  I really liked it.  Another really novel game from the team at leuchars.  The public get to play 3 of the crew of a Lancaster bomber complete with flying helmets.  I plan to try this out at Kirriemuir or Forfar.
Dambusters - Another crew get briefed for their sortie against the dams - the 10 minuters
My only purchases were yet more mdf bases from Warbases and some extra Great War Miniatures from Worlds at War.  The show was busy.....great to see so many acquaintances.  I will be back again next year.  All my photos from the show on flickr at