Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Last Thursday I went to Hugh Wilson’s for the third evening of our Mekong River Vietnam War 28mm Bolt Action game. I missed the 2nd evening as I was on vacation in Portugal. This game followed on as a continuation of that game. The 2nd evening's action is described by Bart Zynda on his blog at.

As before Colin Jack and Dave O’Brien provided most of the figures.  Colin provided the scenario and the Vietnam buildings whilst Hugh Wilson built the excellent terrain.  We used the rules I developed for a Vietnam game last year plus the rule changes we adopted after our first game.  Campbell Hardie, Hugh Wilson and I commanded the Vietnamese troops and Ray Neal, Bart Zynda and Tim Watson the US forces. Colin Jack umpired.  

The devious Q junk
The NVA and the VC are blockading a US firebase and infiltrating the local villages.  The US players have to defend the firebase, get a relief/supply convoy thru by road to the base, control the river traffic to prevent arms reaching the VC and pacify the villages.   Quite a set of objectives but they have lots of equipment. 

2nd Relief column now with flank cover
Again my VC forces were assigned to block the north road whilst Campbell’s and Hugh’s troops all engaged the firebase.  Bart commanding the 2nd relief column adopted a more cautious approach from the first evening with infantry sweeping thru the jungle on both sides of the road.  I lost 2 squads to take out an Aussie squad.  My third squad managed to re-occupy a village after the column had passed as Bart had not left a garrison behind.  The attack on the firebase was hard fought.  A disguised Q junk moored at the wharf and opened up on the base.  It also managed to set fire to a US river monitor before succumbing to massed fire. 
River monitor ablaze
Vietnamese infantry made massed attacks on the firebase supported by armour.  Their 2 tanks managed to KO a M48 but were both lost.  At the end the VC had taken most of the base but one small section of the garrison were holding out supported by 2 tanks.   They even heroically called down an airstrike by a Canberra on the camp.   Tragically it mainly effected the defenders.  The US helicopters were busy providing fire support, rescuing downed pilots and evacuating casualties.

Burning armour
At the end the game was declared a VC minor victory as they had retaken a village and almost captured the camp though the relief column was getting close.
Mr Ray commanding the massed US airpower
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  1. Cheers again Bill! Great report and wonderful photos!

  2. Wow! This is a busy battlefield! Love it all! You just need to add a couple of surfers and LTC Kilgore on the beach with a bullhorn:)!

  3. Wonderful looking battlefield yet again!


  4. I was wondering if you had the point totals worked out for models yet. I'm interested in using your rules for periods after Vietnam as well.