Sunday, April 9, 2017


On Thursday I was at the SESWC for my second game of Over The Hills.  Angus Konstam put the scenario together based on a rearguard holding scenario from CS Grants wargames scenarios.  Angus and Campbell supplied the French 1809 army made up entirely of German states troops whilst I supplied the plucky Austrian defenders.  Peter and I commanded the Austrians whilst Campbell and Jim commanded the French allies.  Angus acted as umpire and gamesmeister sending vital secret text messages to the players.  It was not always good news

A view of the Austrians holding the tributary line - in distance it joins the Inn

French allies close up on the 2nd ford

The Austrians were holding a bridgehead on the River Inn protected by a tributary of the river.  Our objective was to prevent the French allies from crossing the River Inn.   We did well initially beating back repeated frontal attacks over the fords on the tributary.  However a friendly peasant (traitor) revealed to the French allies a secret ford over the Inn and their cavalry and advance infantry crossed the River in strength.  A gallant attack by my reserve Kuirassier brigade inflcted losses on them but could not stop their continued crossing.  At the same time my battalion holding a bridge on the tributary was broken by Campbell’s charging infantry ably supported by fire from Jim’s artillery and infantry. Sadly it was a French victory as they had crossed the Inn.

First enemy attack over the ford is driven back

French allies have crossed the Inn via the hidden ford - cavalry about to square up

French allies charge over 2nd bridge and break my defenders - it was their supporting fire that did for me
Thanks to Angus for setting up an enjoyable game.  Next Thursday the Battle of Maida.  Angus has a detailed report with map on his blog at
Jim who commanded the French right wing has a detailed report on his blog at