Thursday, March 30, 2017


This was the second scenario we have played in my garage from the Glory Hallelujah Black Powder American Civil War Scenario book.  Dave O’Brien, Colin Jack, Tim Watson, Donald Adamson and myself played the game.  Missing in action from our first ACW game was Dave Paterson who was moving furniture and Raymond Neal who is busy touring as a rock star in the USA but fortunately Ray left his Confederate troops for us to use.

Ironclad in my Union squadron

Fort Wright with it's heavy guns which stopped the Union squadron
I set up the game altering the initial troop deployment from the scenario however the forces and troop ratings were as given in the scenario. I supplied the US navy as well as some of the Confederate fort garrison and the fortress guns and their crews. Ray and Donald supplied the Confederate troops plus Donald supplied a five battalion brigade of Union troops while Dave O’Brien supplied the other four Union brigades as well as all the Union artillery. My wife Elena supplied us all with a wonderful meal before hostilities started.
Dempsey's Brigade defending the right flank ridge

One of the Union brigades advancing on the fort
Although the game seems massively set in favour of the Union side with overwhelming troop numbers plus naval support they had two really poor Brigadiers.  In addition half the Union army were armed with smooth bore muskets and the whole force was skittish with a low stamina of two.  Finally a complete brigade had 'seen the elephant' so were next to useless in an attack on the fort.

The two Union central brigades advancing against the fort
Despite the best efforts of Colin and Dave as the Union army commanders only one of their brigades actually managed to storm the fort but were unsuccessful.  Another brigade managed to reach the fort in the last move but ran out of time to launch an assault. Despite all their difficulties the Union players enjoyed the game and the surprised Confederates enjoyed the result of a Confederate victory.  This game finally gave me a chance to get my gunboats and heavy guns with naval crew onto a table and for Dave to get his ACW fort out of the box.  I need to develop some rules for ship to ship actions with these large models for future games.

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