Friday, March 3, 2017


I had my first game of American Civil War since my long ago 15mm days at my house on Wednesday night using 28mm figures inspired by the Black Powder Glory Hallelujah supplement.

View along the peaceful table before armies deploy

Confederate centre/right

Myself, Dave O’Brien, Tim Watson and Colin Jack commanded the Union troops while Raymond Neal, Donald Adamson and Dave Paterson were the Confederates. We played the Iuka 1862 scenario which is set in the Western theatre of war in 1862. The scenario lists a victory condition for the Union side to control the crossroads by the end of the game but doesn't say anything for the Confederates so we assumed if they stop the other side getting the objective then they get the victory.

Donald and Mr Ray plot their counter-attack

Union centre driven back by the single large Rebel Unit

Most of the Union troops were supplied by Dave O’Brien while Donald supplied a small brigade for me to command. Donald and Ray supplied all the rebel troops and I supplied all the terrain.  The fences in the photos I used to demarcate the extensive light wood areas from the clear areas on the table.  Given the number of troops I made the table 8ft by 6ft.

Union right wing finally comes into action

Confederate right wing - still holding at games end
As we were using the 66% scale movement and ranges we extended the game from 7 to 10 turns. At the end the Confederates were still holding their crossroad so the game was declared a Confederate victory.  It was very enjoyable experience so in a month we will be doing a game which will finally see some of my 28mm ACW ships get onto the table. Many thanks to my wife Helena for feeding the 7 players before the game.  A 3 course dinner followed by a fun game – what could be better?

Tim Watson has posted a more detailed account of the action on his blog at


  1. Awesome, great looking game!

  2. Great looking ACW game Bill who could ask for more!


  3. Bill great looking battle I have been gaming several Glory Hallelujah battles myself recently i real lie it.
    By the way regarding BP Napoleonics have you seen Ady McWalters( AT supplements writer) Over the Hills ruleset its really good he has progressed a BP style format into Napoleonic specific.
    they are also doing a kickstarter for game aids

  4. Appreciate I'm late to the party, but that is a lovely looking game...