Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bannockburn 1314 Photo Excursion

This Tuesday I did something completely different and went with Dave Paterson on a tour of the battlefield of Bannockburn 1314.  Angus Konstam is working on a new book on the battle and asked us to take some photos for him.  Angus provided us with a detailed itinerary of the main locations.

It was a usual Scottish spring day – sun, wind, cloud, rain and hail!  Here are a few of the photos that Dave took which are not in the book.
View towards Stirling Castle from the rail bridge on the A91 - roughly south end of  English line

The swollen Bannockburn under the rail bridge

The Carse - likely site of the battle looking from north end of the Scots battle line - A91 in the distance

The Bannockburn Gully - looking from Scots side - a formidable obstacle south of the Carse

The Ford - south of the gulley - scene of the action on the 1st day.  That's  myself on south bank from where De Bohun crossed to his fatal meeting with King Robert

Angus' new book Bannockburn will be published by Aurum Press on 14th May


  1. Not too sure where your Carse photo is from, but the Scots probably deployed for the main battle from Bannockburn High School is today and moved down to the firm ground which is mostly covered in houses.

    1. The photo of the carse was taken from the footpath that runs from Millhall Road about 0.25 miles after the cattle market. The footpath takes you along the west edge of the carse. The wooded knoll was to our left and we took the photo looking towards the south. This is roughly where the northern flanks of the two armies clashed. The Scots were on the right, the English on the left.