Sunday, March 9, 2014


This Saturday week I went to the Albanich the wargames show in Dumfries.  I was helping my club the SESWC with their Korean War 28mm display game.  Colin Jack organised the display which was a slightly amended version of the Bolt Action display which we put on at Partizan in Newark last year.  There was enough interest in the display to keep us from actually playing it until well into the afternoon. 
Korean War game from the SESWC - view from UN bridgehead
Albanich is a small show but this year it had far more traders attending compared with previously.  My only buys at the show were the new Zulu supplement for Black Powder and some more bases from Martin at Warbases.

A long time friend and member of the SESWC, Iain Holt, very sadly and suddenly died last November.  Hugh Wilson and Jim Duncan have been disposing of Ian’s wargaming collection with the proceeds being donated to Iain's charity of choice, Combat Stress.

Simon from Solway Miniatures who organises Albanich gave Hugh a stand at the show and he managed to sell just over £900.  My thanks to everyone.  There is still a lot to dispose as it is a life times collection, so I am sure you will see Hugh at Carronade.

Korean War game from the SESWC - T34 engages Centurion in the distance
Unusually for this year the weather was good and we had a pleasant drive down.  More photos from the show.
WWI Aerial dogfight PP game from my other club - Falkirk and District Wargames Club

Normandy 15mm Flames of War game from Carlisle Wargames club

Pegasus Bridge the very distant objective of the landing force

28mm ACW game from one of the Glasgow clubs

Muskets and Tomahawks pirates game from Dumfries Wargames club

Darien expedition - PP Skirmish game using Donnybrook from the League of Augsburg


  1. A lot of very nice looking tables!


  2. Some great looking games there Bill. You know, in all my time at SESWC I never did make it over to the Dumfries show :>(

    Great to see the Donnybrook game.... looks fab!


  3. That looked a cracking day out.