Saturday, March 22, 2014


On Thursday I went to Hugh Wilson’s for our latest 28mm Bolt Action game.  This game is set along the Don River in early 1943 with the Germans and Italians defending against the Soviet Operation Little Saturn.  Campbell Hardie and Colin Jack provided most of the figures.  Campbell provided the scenario and Hugh Wilson built the excellent terrain.
Campbell's scratch built River Tank......
The Soviet army supported by naval troops are attacking across the river.  Bart Zynda, Dave O’Brien and I commanded the Soviet troops and Hugh Wilson, Colin Jack and Tim Watson the Axis.  Amazingly the game on this first evening was comparatively bloodless.  My tank attack on the southern end of the table was seriously delayed by an artillery strike which disrupted most of my troops but at the end of the evening I had suffered no casualties.  Dave O’Brien’s armour attack on the northern bank was delayed by abandoned German transport blocking the river road only got into action late in the evening.  Bart commanding the Soviet naval troops launched them across the river and they suffered some casualties from the defenders.
Dave's lend lease armour on the river road - delayed by burning German transport
Campbell has scratch built a wonderful looking Soviet river tank (armoured gunboat) and this provided the centre point of the game.  It was quickly immobilised by an Italian manned 88 on the far bank.  However the crew may well repair it as we are using the rules I developed for Vietnam river monitors for the river tank.  The Soviet highlight was an air attack which knocked out a PZIII.  That was the only AFV knocked out so far in the game.
Soviet air and river power in action
At the end of the evening the game was still very far from decided and we have decided to continue it in 2 weeks time.  Once again thanks to Suzanne Wilson for the catering on the evening.  All my photos with descriptions at
The River tank under fire from the Axis shore - the next salvo immobilised her.


  1. Hello and good morning
    Great arrangements and a good show.
    In particular smoky La-5 makes effect.

  2. Beautiful pictures, love this terrain ant these minis!

  3. Excellent photos Bill! The game looks awesome. I look forward to reading about the result!

  4. Marvellous looking game, brilliant scratch-built models and some beaut 'special effects'!

  5. Yet another great looking game Bill!