Sunday, January 27, 2013


My father got out of hospital for a short period this week so in that interval I managed to get to a game at the SESWC.  It was a Napoleon in Egypt game set in 1798 and using Black Powder rules. Chris Henry provided all the figures and Angus Konstam the scenario. I adapted the troop types from those given for the Ottomans in the Last Argument of Kings and umpired the game. It was a welcome break from twice daily hospital visits.

The first French attack about to go in against the village
The game was loosely based on the Battle of Shubra Khit (or Chambreis), fought on Bastille Day (13th July) 1798. it was the first clash between Bonaparte's French army and the Mamluks, fought six days before the Battle of the Pyramids.

There is a full description of the game on Angus’ website at
And also on Bart Zynda’s blog at

We used the THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE rule from LAOK. So only the Mameluke CinC could issue normal orders while the subordinate brigade commanders could only issue FOLLOW ME and RALLY orders. Despite this major restriction on their command ability the game turned out to be a Mameluke victory with Bonaparte carried wounded from the field. 

French in the village - minutes later the Turkish guns blasted them out
Since the game I have reviewed the ratings for the Mameluke troops and downgraded them further and these are listed below. However these would not have changed the result. Lessons - avoid deploying squares in effective range of massed artillery and don’t make piecemeal column attacks on built up areas and artillery.

Chasseurs a Cheval take on the Sipahis....

Troop Types                      HH  Sh    Mo   Sta
Janissaries               Musket    6      3     4+      3
Reg Infantry           Musket    6      3     4+      3  Unreliable, Poor Shots
Irreg Infantry         Mixed      5      1     5+     3  Poor Shots, Levy 4+, Wavering
Irreg Fantics           Mixed      5      1     5+     3  Poor Shots, Levy 4+,
Irreg Skirmish         Musket    4      2     5+     2  Poor Shots, Skirmish

Mamluke Cav         Sw, Bw   7      1     4+    3
Irreg Cav                Sw, Bw   5      1     5+    2  Marauders, Unreliable, Levy 4+

Artillery                   SB          1  3-2-1  4+    2  Immobile
Camel Zambouk     Lt SB     1  2-1-1   5+    1  Do not need to unlimber to fire

Bloodthirsty    Reroll close combat misses in first charge
Immobile        Only 1 move per turn
Levy X+        Need to roll of disorder at end of turn
Marauders     Ignore distance modifiers for command
Poor Shots    -1 factor when shooting
Skirmish        Can adopt skirmish formation
Unreliable      No move on equal command roll
Wavering      Break test whenever casualties


  1. Wonderful looking game! Always nice to see a battle from this often overlooked Napoleonic campaign.

  2. Great looking game Bill! I've thought about the Egyptian campaign either through BP or Sharpe's Practice as I love the Brigade Games figures for it.

    I hope your Dad gets better.


  3. OH WOW another reason to pull out my mamelukes/jannisaries and paint up both 1790s French and other trash for the period.
    Sorry to hear about your Dad and hospital visits. Its the pits too see the folks we love most getting older.
    PS will you be listing the OBs?