Friday, January 11, 2013

28mm GERMANTOWN 1777 (2) & FLANDERS 1692

This week I have taken part in 2 games.  On Saturday I tried another game of my Germantown scenario at my house. Angus Konstam and I commanded the British and Kevan Gunn and Scott Duncan commanded the Patriots. I made a few minor changes to the OB from the first game and these are reflected in the Germantown scenario page.

Action on the British left wing and near Cliveden - heavy musketry exchanges
Once again it proved a good game. This time the Patriots initially largely ignored Cliveden and struck rapidly towards the encamped British army. They failed to make any headway once the British had finally bestirred themselves and a late attack on Cliveden proved a disaster leading to the rout of the 2 attacking units. At the end of the game after 10 turns the Patriots had lost 4 units and the British none.

Patriots mass to attack Cliveden
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These and the following set were taken using my new Canon Powershot SX150 IS  - several light years ahead of my 5 year old Canon Powershot A620.

On Thursday I went to the SESWC and umpired Angus and Chris Henry testing Pike and Shotte for a late 17th Century War of the Grand Alliance game. Chris’s French got the better of Angus’s Allied Dutch army. After a brief initial success Angus’s left wing horse broke and fled and his foot were getting the worse of the musketry exchange with their French rivals due to some good rolling by Chris.

The big cavalry melee - Vive Le Roi....
We all agreed that Pike & Shotte worked well for the period. Though basically like Black Powder it has enough changes to make it a subtly different game. As an example disordered units can make a retire move under initiative and shaken units can get a free retire move. Using these options allowed Chris to replace his tired foot and reorganise his victorious horse. I think we may adopt both in full for our BP games - at the moment I have a house rule that allows disordered cavalry to retire under initiative.

Angus has written a full account of  both the actions which are on his blog at

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  1. Fantastic looking game, the first picture is my favourite!

  2. Both games look great Bill! Excellent photos.

  3. Wow! Fantastic looking games Bill!