Sunday, January 13, 2013


I have been working away on completing my Christmas and New Year holiday projects.

I have added some artillery and French staff to my Napoleonic collection. The figures are by Foundry, Elite and Perry and were painted by Reinforcements by Post in Bangladesh as a commission whilst I painted the gun models. The guns are the impressive models from Elite. I like the look of these guns so much that I have ordered more of the Russian 6 pdr guns to re-equip some of my Russian foot batteries which at the moment all have 12 pdr guns.

Foundry Imperial Guard Foot gunners with Elite 12pdr guns

Elite Russian Horse Artillery with 6 pdr guns and 10 pdr licorne

The new staff figures are from the Perry pack FN2 (Corps Commanders - d’Erlon, Reille and Lobau). I have based these figures in pairs along with some of my existing figures as command vignettes. The 3mm thick MDF bases are from Warbases and the Silflor tufts were supplied by Mutineer Miniatures.

Perry Lobau  and unknown Cuirassier
Perry d'Erlon and Foundry ADC
When I played my Germantown AWI game I realised that I lacked anything to represent the British camp so last week I ordered sets of  plastic tents from Renedra. They arrived very quickly and I am  pleased with the finished results. I based the ridge tents on 2mm MDF Warbases pill shaped bases.
Renedra - their open ridge tent


  1. The tents look awesome Bill - definitely will add the right look to your battlefield - cheers David

  2. These are all looking so nice Bill. Great work Sir!