Monday, May 20, 2019


This Sunday I went to Partizan at Newark with the Gothenburg Gamers.

Dave O’Brien produced our game for Partizan this year.   It was a 28mm Franco Prussian War game of the Battle of Villepion 1st December 1870.   This time the game was a display and not one of our usual PP games.   We used a variant of Warhammer Ancient Battles that Dave developed many years ago.

Ray Neal, Tim Watson, Dave Paterson, Colin Jack and I supported Dave at the display.  We went to Newark by train from Edinburgh so Dave had to develop a lightweight game for us to take down.  I think this was our largest group outing to any show.

Lots of great games at the show at its venue in the Newark Showground.  In my view this year’s show far outshone Salute in the number of good quality displays.  The exhibition hall is big bright and airy with lots of space and OK catering.
Below are some of my photos and here is the link to all 69 on Flickr.

Our Villepion 1870 starting position with French about to advance onto the table

Perry Brothers Bonaparte in Egypt

League of Augsburg - Barry's wonderful Cossack camp - yes it's a mortar firing

Oosterbeeke 1944

British in India

Excellent 100 Years War game

Blood and Plunder


  1. Many thanks for game sir and all the effort you and the lads went to to bring it to the show. First class.

    1. Thanks. We have a new FPW game for 2020 Partizan.

  2. Replies
    1. Ray - I think the best show for displays in the UK.

  3. Some great looking games sorry I missed it.

  4. Wonderful looking photos Bill.