Sunday, May 12, 2019


This Saturday I went to Carronade 2019 at Falkirk.

I finally got to put on my 75mm Playmobil Wild West PP game at Carronade with the Gothenburg Gamers.  We used the classic Legends of the Old West rules.  Lots of interest from children and parents.  Every child wins a prize. The new terrain items for this version of the game are the windmill and the G scale train.

It was a good show – it was busy, enjoyable and I met lots of acquaintances.  I bought nothing at all at the show – too busy with the game.  I was supported at the display by Colin Jack, Tim Watson, Ray Neal, Dave O’Brien and Dave Paterson. We were runners up for the best PP game award. I was so pleased with the way the game went that when I got home I ordered a Water Tower from Playmobil.

Below are some of my photos.  Next weekend we are at Partizan at Newark displaying something completely different.

Link to all my 44 photos from the show

Colin, Dave and Ray alert and ready for action

Caboose and Plains Indian posse

Yes Ranger you can go on the roof

Th best PP from Bathgate - the balloons have not appeared yet

Sea monster from the amazing pirate game

Rorke's Drift with equipment

Leuchar's Last Samurai fortress


  1. When you spot Charles Grant with playmobil in his hands, you must be doing something right! Looked like fun, and somewhat dimmed the lustre of our 'Wanted' Wild West game.

    1. Doug thanks - 75mm figures look great and take wonderful photos.

  2. Do you mind if we link to this from the Carronade Website?

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