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I was away at the weekend at Kirriemuir in Angus for a 28mm 1066 event.  Over the 2 days 16 gamers attended.  The concept which was roughly based on the classic game Kingmaker was developed by Steve Rimmer who supplied the bulk of the figures.  Most of the terrain also came from Steve’s collection.  The game was set up over 5 12ft to 20ft long tables 6 feet wide representing all of England. There were 3 factions – Saxons, Normans and Vikings.  In all 8 Saxon players, 4 Normans and 4 Vikings.  I played Gyrth Godwinson Earl of East Anglia bother of King Harold.  You could only fight someone in a rival alliance.

Towns provided revenue to their occupiers at the end of each session.  This was used to buy new units, rebuild under-strength units and buy votes in the final Witan.  No revenue was generated at the end of the 5th session – the towns values were turned directly Witan votes.  The winning faction was the one who had the most votes when the Witan met after 5 sessions.
The tactical part of the game was based Lion Rampant and worked well for such a big game.  There were a few enhancements with some Saxon and Viking units able to form mobile shield walls which could move at half speed.
It was a truly colourful weekend and the campaign rules developed by Steve worked well and were easily picked up by all the players.   My thanks to Steve  who acted as the hard working rules umpire and provided the inspiration, organisation and 95% of the figures, terrain and lots resources for the very enjoyable game.  The best organised game I have ever played.
The winners were the Normans who with a combination of mounted charges supported by good archery overran England south of the Thames in 3 sessions and then gained most of Berkshire and Gloucestershire.  My forces in East Anglia went down to defeat against the Viking forces of the wily Earl of Orkney played by Angus Konstam.
All my photos with brief descriptions are on Flickr at
Part of the South Coast - Normans on the left - River Thames on the right

Normans about to give the Saxons a good hiding......
Mercia and Orkney on action - in background the North and even further North

More death in Mercia

The deadly Orkney wolfhounds who did for two of my units

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