Thursday, April 12, 2018


On Monday I went to Falkirk Wargames club for the 3rd round of my Wild West campaign using Playmobil.  The Texas Rangers and the Cowboys saw of the Outlaws and Lawmen respectively. There was some truly pathetic shooting from all sides at the beginning of the game.  It was enjoyable fun especially as my Texas Rangers eventually proved deadly.  We are using the classic The Legends of the Old West.

I am taking my collection to the Carronade 2018 show in Falkirk as the Gothenburg Gamers PP game.

Outlaws Kid and Fancy pants face of with 3 of my Texas Ranger posse

My Captain with a deputy and volunteer gun up

The two outlaws had the down twice but missed and paid the penalty

Cowboys gallop to take on the Lawmen

Lawmen must have been drunk as they ineptly fired into the ground!


  1. I sit here chuckling and wondering why does this make a nearly sixty year old man smile and laugh? Well done!