Saturday, April 28, 2018


I followed up my multiple Battles of New Bern this week with a French Indian War game using Muskets and Tomahawks.  The figures and terrain all came from my collection.  I I partly staged the game to get my new blockhouse and some new French units onto the table.

The game was a French attack on the fictional peaceful riverside settlement of Peacehaven an important link on the fur trade from the Midwest.  The initial French forces were 3 Indian warbands commanded by Tim Watson and 2 units of Coureur du Bois and a unit of Canadian militia commanded by Donald Adamson.  They had extra bands of Indians which could come onto the table by canoe as events.

Dave O’Brien commanded the initial British forces which were 3 units of militia and 4 families of settlers.  I acted as umpire and commanded the British relief force of up to 6 units of Light infantry and rangers.

The mighty blockhouse covering the approaches from the forest

The wharf and trading post at Peacehaven
The initial French advance by Tim’s Indian bands was shot up after they crossed the stream onto the cleared terrain covered by the blockhouse.  Tim then moved his units back into the cover of the woods and they moved to their left to skirmish with some of the British lights which had appeared on that side of the settlement.

Donald moved his French units around the right side of the blockhouse and then attacked the cabins at that end of the village.  He was supported by an Indian band which arrived by canoe.  After a hard struggle they burned 3 of the cabins and routed a unit of militia.  The British reinforcements who arrived to support the militia were  worn down in a long firefight and fell back to retire of the table.  The settlers who survived Donald's massacre at the cabins fled toward the boats at the wharf to escape but sadly ran into another warband who got their first by fast canoe!

It was certainly a clear Franco-Indian victory.  An enjoyable game proving you do not need masses of figures for a great game.

Tim has written a detailed account of the action on his blog at

Settlers flee covered by the militia

First settlers get to the wharf  then the Injuns appeared!  Horror!

British lights engage the French and their allies

The French who outshot the British - what by gad sir!


  1. Great looking game and a fun scenario.

  2. What a brilliant looking game. I was considering buying these rules then I saw you report.
    Very much like the Blog BTW