Saturday, September 9, 2017


This was a busy wargaming week for me with four different games – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

On Monday at Falkirk Wargames club I played Dave Paterson in a FIW Muskets and Tomahawks game which I put together.  My British Rangers and Lights defeated Dave's  Indians defending a native village.  It was my only victory of the week and sadly I took no photos.

On Wednesday I went to Colin Jack’s and we played a Russo-Japanese game with Bill Millar, Dave O'Brien and Donald Adamson.  Bill, Donald and I commanded the Russians who held a ridge line with reserves against Colin and Dave.  It was a brilliant Japanese victory losing one unit whilst destroying the bulk of the Russian army.  We used Kevan Calders new Bonnie Blue Flag ACW rules.

Russian ridge line - Colin asleep in the background prior to the action

Cossacks charge home to their destruction
On Thursday I went to the SESWC and played a Black Powder AWI game of the Battle of Weitzel’s Mill 1781 which Angus Konstam organised.  Angus provided most of the troops while I provided 2 units.  Campbell and I commanded the Patriots whilst Ken and Bart commanded the British while Angus umpired.  The Patriots had a few successes breaking the Guard Light Infantry and the Legion cavalry led by Tarleton.  Hurrah! This success did not last long and they soon broke under the pressure of the British regulars and fled.  Angus has a full report on his blog at

Here a couple of my photos.

Patriot left wing

Tarleton leads the Legion to defeat against the Carolina militia
On Friday Dave Paterson came round to my place and we gave my Black Powder Battle of Saltanovka 1812 a second run through.  It proved a greater failure for the Russians than the first game with 6 of my battalions being broken.  Dave’s French did not lose a unit.
Never ending struggle for Fatova

Swiss infantry and French Carabiniers about to sweep my Russians back over the stream


  1. Great looking game and figures! Nice to see such a variety of periods and rules.

  2. Great to see the RJW get an airing.
    What a week you have had.

  3. Some great looking games there.



  4. Great pictures of the games! Nice week, and so glad it included RJW. I will have to take a look at Bonnie Blue Flag, maybe for my Mexican-American War games.

    1. Bonnie Blue flag are simple rules but with a twist. Enjoy. Also played variants for Indian Mutiny, Crimea.