Friday, September 22, 2017


This Wednesday at home I staged an unusual Wild West game.  I have just bought a collection of Play Mobil Wild West figures and scenery and I put together a game for 5 players using an amended version of the Rules with No Name.  The original rules are available now as a free download from Foundry.

View over the table from the town.
The 7 factions were the Townspeople, Outlaws, Indians, Confederate raiders, 2 units of US Cavalry and a marooned wagon party including 2 ladies.  The players were myself, Colin Jack, Donald Adamson, Dave O’Brien and Tim Watson.  The game was a complete surprise for them

Confederate raiders

Lieutenant Cohill and his trusty command
It was a fun game.  The first US unit commanded by Captain Nathan Brittles (Dave) was ridden down and wiped out by charges by the Indians (me) and the Confederates (Colin).  The Indian lancers proved especially deadly.  The second US unit under Lieutenant Flint Cohill (Donald) rescued the wagon party escorted them to town and then in a single rode down and wiped out the Colin’s outlaws who had been giving Tin’s towns people a hard time.

The dastardly outlaws - yes the mask had a special effect

The fierce Indians under Chief Buffalo Head with deadly lance and shield combination

The marooned wagon party - Miss Dandridge and Mrs Allshad
Next time we will use simpler rules - I think going back to Legends of the Old West that we have all played and enjoyed before.   Many years ago Colin and I staged a pirate game at the SESWC using his daughter Vicky’s collection.  Now his granddaughters are playing with those toys!
US cavalry troop 2 reach the marooned party

Things looking bad for Captain Brittles and his Apache scout

Lieutenant Cohill's troop ride down the outlaws

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  1. Lovely looking stuff, very inspiring. I want to do this!

  2. It was a very colourful and fun (except for the result) game to play in, just don't get caught between those pesky redskins and back stabbing Rebs.

  3. That looks like a load of fun. It would be perfect with Fistful of Lead too.

    1. Must have a look at my copy Fistful of Lead....

  4. Looks like fun - Keep out of reach of Children they will only swap the head gear over when you are not looking... :-)