Thursday, February 2, 2017


Yesterday I finally got around to have another game at my house.  It has taken me a year to tidy up my wargames table since the new central heating system was installed.  It was also my first Sharp Practice game.  In fact only one of the five of us had played the rules before.  The game was the Indian Mutiny Rescue from the Sharp Practice rule book.  Donald Adamson umpired whilst Colin Jack and Dave O'Brien commanded the British rescue force while myself and Dave Paterson commanded the unruly mutineers.   Colin provided all the scenery and troops for the game. We played on a 6ft by 4ft section of my table.

It was an enjoyable game and by the end of it we were all quoting parts of the rules.  It proved a British victory as their main formation stormed the Pink Fort and rescued the charming and unruffled Lady Howe.

Lady Howe detained at the Pink Fort

Main British formation deploys forward

Main British formation comes into action covered by their skirmishers

Mutineer formation pass burning hut

British storm the Pink Fort with the bayonet and save Lady Howe


  1. Lots of fun in saving the stoic Lady Howe.

    Much of the basic rules will be very familiar to many, but Sharp Practice differs in a couple of major respects. Firstly, the role of Leaders in commanding group and formations is critical. Secondly, with uncertain turn lengths, the challenge is whether to use up randomly appearing Command Cards as you need them, and in penny packets, or save them up for a big effect -- knowing that the sudden end of a Turn might deny you that opportunity. It is all about choices...........

  2. Looks like a cracking game, Bill.