Monday, October 5, 2015


On Wednesday I was at Hugh Wilson’s for another Medieval game designed by Dave O’Brien.   It was a variant of his previous French raid game this time set in Ireland in the 12th century.  5 players commanded the English supply missions  whilst Dave umpired and commanded the ambushing Irish.  The table was 14ft long and we used Hail Caesar.
Map of the layout showing hidden Irish deployments

Henry de Clare Earl of Pembroke finally managed to marry Domnall Mor Ui Briain’s daughter and ‘surprisingly’ Domnall suddenly died leaving all the lands of Thomand one of the largest areas of Southern Ireland to him and he quickly set about erecting castles to protect his inheritance.  The natives have been extremely upset by this and have launched attacks against isolated castles.
Player Briefing

A number of knights have been sent to deliver supplies and reinforcements to the castle at Knock.  Each knight has a small force of troops and either a wagon of supplies or herds of sheep or cattle to deliver to the castle, once the supplies have been delivered that Norman player will then take command of Irish troops. 

Each wagon is worth d3x10 VP’s, a sheep is worth 1 VP and a cow 2 VP’s.  Each skirmish unit destroyed is worth 1VP, each formed infantry unit is worth 2 VP’s and each Fianna unit is worth 4 VP’s.  Troop losses will be deducted, mounted knights are worth 10VP’s and formed troops 4 VP’s.

If your character is killed then all VP’s are lost and your troops will disperse and not take any further part in the game.
English press onto Knock

Disaster for the first supply group as their cattle stampede of the road

Hugh's group with their flock of sheep cross the last obstacle before Knock

The game was won by Hugh commanding the 2nd supply group who managed to slip into the lead when Tim's leading group was ambushed by the Irish. A situation made worse when his cattle herd repeatedly stampeded.


  1. Fab looking game Bill :>)

    Looks like i "missed all the fun" again :>)


  2. Now that's a big table! The game looks great Bill!


  3. Bill, Hugh was actually commanding the 3rd group, Ray was commanding the 2nd one.
    I was surprised with Tim winning the leadership roll off and deciding to go first thereby attracting the attention of all the Irish ambushes. Once Ray's commander was killed off and he then took command of some of the Irish I thought he was too timid and let Martin off lightly.
    I was pleased the way the game went but surprised how many leadership tests Tim managed to fail especially being rated as an 8 whereas the Irish were generally zipping about being rated as 7's.

  4. Ah, another fun time missed.The game does look great.

  5. Looks great, beautiful terrain and figures!