Friday, October 30, 2015


A few weeks ago I was away at the weekend at Lundin Links in Fife for a 28mm Back of Beyond game.  Over the 2 days 14 gamers attended from the AB1 group.  We used the Setting the east Ablaze rules.

View along table - Angus Konstam in far distance

The Baku oilfields
 Each player commanded a different faction of 10 units - there were 2 Bolsheviks, 2 Turks,  British, Americans, Italians, Bokharans, Islamist rebels, 2 German Freikorps, Poles and Chinese Warlords

Myself and Angus Konstam were the Bolshevik players but we were both worn down by the attacks of the Turks, Poles, Italians, British and Freikorps who all seemed to have something against Bolsheviks.  Angus’ armoured train was destroyed by a suicide head on run by a Freikorps commandeered locomotive.
Turkish airpower

My Bolshevik faction advances
A massive and very enjoyable game and a fun weekend.   Officially it was won by the Italians as they held the tower of Silence holding the Tsars hidden treasure.  Thanks to Ken Pierce who organised the scenario.

The deadly Islamist armoured elephant stampedes into US infantry

Angus' Red faction moves to support me

Tragic end of the  'Red Victory' train in the massive rail crash

Red airforce hero goes down in flames

There is a longer report on Bart’s blog at

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  1. It was great weekend. Congratulations of 250K! Nice score!