Friday, May 29, 2015


On Wednesday I went to Hugh Wilson’s for the first part of a two part saga set in the era of the VBCW.  Tim Watson came up with the scenario.  A VBCW faction has been buying guns illegally in the USA and they are being shipped to Key Largo Florida by the local of the teamsters.  Various other criminal and law enforcement groups are trying to stop or hijack the shipment.

The Lucky sue awaiting her cargo.....

I commanded the state troopers and the national guard, Donald commanded the Italian gangsters, Hugh the local police, Bart the teamsters and Colin a gang of molls led by Bonnie Parker.
We used the gangster variant of Legends of the West.   The game worked well.  The teamster convoy only got half way to the harbour at Key Largo when it was stopped by the local police.  This enabled all the other factions to close up and a general firefight ensued.   The truck carrying the cargo was driven into a river by a teamster to prevent its capture.  However it was then found that the cargo was silk stockings as the arms had already been transferred to a VBCW submarine.  It had all been a decoy.

Teamster convoy on the way

State troopers advance on the bridge
Once again Hugh did a really great job with the terrain.  The second part of the game will be the arrival of the arms in the war torn VBCW UK.  

Truck with vital cargo reversed into the river


  1. Awesome looking game Bill!

  2. oh man I got to get into this era when I return to Canada

  3. Excellent game by you and Hugh as usual - I do miss gaming these type of unusual period games with you folks in Scotland!!! Any kind of OB available? Regards David
    Will be getting back into Historical gaming soon