Sunday, October 12, 2014


On Saturday Colin Jack, Ray Neal and I travelled to the Culloden Battlefield Centre for the Cùil Lodair Wargames Fair.

We put on a display for the SESWC which was a 28mm 1938 VBCW version of the Battle of Culloden.  It proved like our 2 test games to be a Scottish Republican victory over the Jacobites.  The highlight was Barrell’s regiment (actually a squad) which managed to beat of 3 close assaults by the fanatical front line Highland infantry.  All the troops and equipment in the display come from the collection of Colin Jack.

Jacobite centre and left wing

Scottish Republic HQ - with the vital drinks cabinet
Inverness Wargaming Association, Angus Wargames Club,  Dingwall Wargames Club, Leuchars Veterans, Prestwick Wargames Club, Claymore Castings and Da Klub Inverness also put on displays.

Hobbit PP game

Red coat Teddy Bears await the attack of the Highland gnomes.......Prestwick Wargames Club
Professor Christopher Duffy judged the best display and that prize went to the Inverness FOW WWII game.
More photos at

As well as the wargames the Morayvia aerospace project brought two warplane cockpits for the public to climb into and experience.  Many thanks to the helpful staff at the centre who even provided the exhibitors with a free lunch!

Interesting show in a historical venue that we will be back to.

Great image from the Battlefield centre - Jacobites strike home on Barrell's Regiment


  1. Some nice looking games Bill. The Teddy bear and Gnomes thing has me scratching my head.


    1. The Teddy Bears are by Eureka and the Gnomes are by Brigade games. I remember seeing a Teddy Bear game on the Alt Fritz website.