Saturday, July 5, 2014


On Thursday I went to Hugh Wilson’s for our latest game.  This 28mm Back of Beyond game designed by Dave O’Brien was set along the Trans-Siberian Railway.   Colin Jack, Dave O’Brien and Hugh Wilson provided the figures.  Hugh Wilson built the excellent terrain.  We were using the Setting the East Ablaze rules.  We had 7 players at the game controlling Red, White, Czech, Mongolian, Chinese Nationalist, Chinese Bandit and Japanese factions.  I controlled the heroic Red faction.
Czech armoured train under fire
My Red faction entered between Stations 1 and Station 2 and tried to intercept the 2 Czech armoured trains steaming east.  Unfortunately they were too fast for me and my few shots at them missed.  I then moved part of my force to engage the Whites advancing from the West on Station 1 while my cavalry advanced on Station 2 and set fire to the church in the town.  The Czechs had stopped their trains to engage the Chinese troops holding Station 3 who were supported by a river gunboat.  I moved my MG and Siberian riflemen to support the Chinese and engage the detraining Czech interventionists.   The Czechs had suffered some losses when the game ended for the evening.

Red troops overlook the railway

Chinese gunboat - scratch built by Dave O'Brien
At the end of the evening the game was still very far from decided – my Reds had not suffered a single casualty.  So it will probably last for at least another 2 evenings.   The next game will be in 2 weeks but I will miss that game as I will be on holiday.   We will be making some changes to the rules for our future games.
Czech troops detrain to attack Station 3
Once again thanks to Suzanne Wilson for the catering on the evening.  All my photos with descriptions at


  1. Great looking game Bill, love the gunboat! Who made it?

    1. Ah, I see that young O'Brien is credited with it!

  2. Awesome looking game Bill! Great looking troops and terrain!

  3. Great looking pictures, love the second one!

  4. Oh, great.
    Spectacular images.
    You are also studied Soviet history.
    Czechs (50,000 men, ex German prisoners) the impact of Russia (New Soviet) history wasgreat/significant.

  5. That's a great looking game Bill!


  6. So far the Czech's have managed to reach Harbin and given the Chinese there a bit of a bloody nose helped by Martin moving his troops in the open in front of armoured trains armed with Hmg's and field guns. My Chinese bandits moving on his rear and wiping out his Hmg and my snipers taking out his commander probably haven't helped much either plus the Japanese are moving in for the kill as well. I hadn't expected the Czechs to get so far up the track without everyone having more of a go at them especially as everyone knows they have the Tzar's gold reserves on the trains but Bart still has to get the gold off the train and onto a boat and escape to freedom as well as all the other victory conditions that everyone else has so there's still plenty to fight over. Plus characters, other equipment and special events could add a further twist to the action.