Friday, April 4, 2014


On Thursday I went to Hugh Wilson’s for the second instalment of our latest 28mm Bolt Action game.  The game is set along the Don River in early 1943 with the Germans and Italians defending against Soviet Operation Little Saturn.  Campbell Hardie and Colin Jack provided most of the figures.  Campbell provided the scenario and Hugh Wilson built the excellent terrain.
Churchill's cover the river crossing
The Soviet army supported by naval troops are attacking across the river.  Bart Zynda, Mr Ray Neal and I commanded the Soviet troops and Hugh Wilson, Colin Jack and Tim Watson the Axis.  Compared with our first evening’s play this second evening was more lively with some serious casualties being suffered.
Dreaded 88 opens up on the Churchills
My tank attack on the southern end of the table finally recovered from the artillery strike and engaged the German infantry holding a small village.  Two German tanks arrived as reinforcements but their gunnery was very poor and both fell victim to my T34s.  Bart continued the attacks across the river by his Soviet naval troops and with the support of his KV1 knocked out a plucky German PZII which had been gunning down the wading infantry
PZIII blown apart by the T34s
Ray’s infantry and armour attack on the northern bank was making progress and his great shooting by his mortar silenced the Italian controlled 88mm AA and 100mm Howitzer.  The Soviet river tank (armoured gunboat) recovered previous damage and fired effectively into the Italian defenders.  The highlight of the game was a heroic Soviet air attack delivered thru heavy axis flak which wiped out a squad and pinned a further 7 units.  Sadly the inexperienced Soviet pilot had mistaken the wrong side of the river and all his victims were in the Red Army or navy.  This catastrophe stopped Mr Ray’s attack completely.
The deadly Soviet air attack
Despite this setback at the end of the evening we decided that the game was clearly a Soviet victory.  In summary at the end the Naval infantry were across the river, 4 of the 5 German AFV’s had been knocked out along with all the Italian artillery for the loss of 1 Soviet Churchill and some infantry.

Once again thanks to Suzanne Wilson for the catering on the evening.  All my photos of the complete game with descriptions at

The first game report is at

There is a thread by Campbell Hardie showing the construction of the river tank at

Bart Zynda has blogged an account of the action in English and Polish at


  1. Fantastic! I hope you gave the pilots a good talking to! Don't want that happening to often!

  2. Great looking game from a fun rule set!


  3. That is an outstanding looking game. Love the way you've done the river.

  4. Bill off topic -message. But firstly love your bolt action reports.How have you found the rules others say chain of command is better????? ok heres my query do you have the napoleonic opolchenie banners/flags saved on file as 28m size please? cheers Peter

    1. Peter
      I have friends who play Chain of Command and even play tested them but in our group we have stuck with Bolt Action. Simple and playable. As we don't play tournament games we simply ignore the points. I have also adapted them for Vietnam. .
      Yes I have the Opolchenie banners as a word doc so send me your email address and I will email to you.