Sunday, October 20, 2013


This Saturday I went to Forfar to attend SKELP the Angus Wargames Club’s annual show.  Skelp is one of the smaller wargames shows in Scotland however it has all you expect from a show - demonstration and public participation games, trade stands, a painting competition (with trophies and prizes), a bring and buy sale, raffle, and Field Kitchen.  The Field Kitchen serves the local delicacy the famous Forfar Bridies but they ran out just after noon.
I helped Colin Jack, Mr Ray Neal, Dave O’Brien and Hugh Wilson with the SESWC display game which was a Bolt Action game set in the Chaco War between Paraguay and Bolivia.  Colin does keep finding obscure subjects for our display games.

SESWC - Bolivian garrison of the besieged Fortin
The game involved a Bolivian relief column including 40% of the Bolivian armoured corps – 2 AFVs out of a total of 5 in the army - attempting to relieve a garrison holding a remote fortin besieged by the Paraguayans.  It was a complete Paraguayan triumph as they wiped out the column and stormed the defences of the fortin.  All the troops are from the collection of Colin.  The Chaco war figures are by Scheltrum Miniatures.  Our display won the trophy for best display.

SESWC - Bolivian armour try to defend the column from the Paraguayans in the scrub
RAF Leuchars Wargames Club put on their superb carrier attack PP game.  Deservedly it won the trophy for the best PP game and the trophy for best naval game.

RAF Leuchars superb Carrier attack PP game
My other club Falkirk and District Wargames Club put on a PP game – A Lost World Adventure with explorers, angry natives, a hidden temple and the mandatory dinosaur!  It was judged 2nd best PP game.

Dinosaur runs amock in FDWC's  Lost World game

Kirriemuir Wargames Club's Charge of the Light Brigade PP game.  3rd best PP game

Colourful G-Racing PP Game. 
It was a good enjoyable day meeting fellow enthusiasts.  My purchases were limited as I only bought 2 sets of Litko counters from Erik at Figures in Comfort.  They will prove really useful in my Ironclad naval games.


  1. Great Chaco game Bill et al.

    Thoroughly deserved first place.

    1. Thanks Jim - I had not seen any of the figures until the day of the show.

  2. Chaco game looks great ,I wish I had been there to see it...

  3. The Chaco game does look good - is it also going to Targe?