Saturday, October 12, 2013

Busy Week Part 1

It is a busy week for wargaming as Mrs Gilchrist is away for a fortnight visiting friends. 

Monday night I went to my other club – Falkirk and District Wargames Club.  Dave Imrie, Jack Glanville and Ian Beal were doing a demo of their new  'Hollow Crown'  Late 14th early 15th century rules to the guys at the club. There were three Claymore Casting's armies on the table so it was the largest amount of Claymore Castings figures ever seen in a game.  The rules received a good reception.
Scots Schiltrons advances

Another view of the Scots
I sat in as an observer on a 15mm game of Longstreet which proved to be a decisive Union victory though the Confederates won twice as many Epic points.  I have been invited to join the clubs ongoing campaign.
Union dismounted cavalry line shoots down the Reb cavalry
On Thursday I went to Hugh Wilson’s where we played a Colin Jack 7 player 1919 Freikorps scenario.  We used  ‘Setting the East Ablaze’  rules.  The rules work well for a fun game with lots of casualties but there are a few minor amendments I think we could make.   Our Red faction stormed the financial faction of the town putting the Freikorps to flight.   We have left the table setup at Hugh’s and our next game will be the Freikorps counterattack but for that game we will try Bolt Action.   My thanks to Suzanne Wilson for providing our dinner.

Financial district already ruined by the Anarchist mobs
Freikorps flamethrower hits the armoured car LENIN
Full description of this game and links to more photos on Bart Zynda's blog at

On Friday Dave Paterson and I played the fifth game of our Maurice campaign at my place.  I will write a separate report on that game.  To round of the week on Sunday I am staging a 4 player Maurice alliance game with most of my AWI collection on the table.