Saturday, June 30, 2012

28mm KOREAN WAR 1951

This weeks game at the SESWC was a 28mm Korean War game. Yes another game out of the period covered by the title of my blog. All the figures for this game were supplied by Colin Jack who also developed the scenario.

Chinese infantry cross open ground to the base of the hill
I commanded a reinforced squad of  elite US paratroops holding an isolated defensive position on the top of a large hill. A column of US mechanised troops was moving up the main road to relieve my force.

Paras in close combat with attacking Chinese
Waves of Chinese infantry commanded by Colin attacked my position. There were two notable things of my defence. First was the truly appalling rifle fire of my infantry scoring only 7 hits from 40 shots. Second my infantry proved great in hand to combat - the highlight was 3 Chinese units being fought of by a single machine gun crew.

T34 waiting in ambush - a Corgi model
The relief column made very slow progress only advancing about 2 ft before coming to a halt  as the first M3 halftrack was destroyed by a hidden T34. The US Shermans replied hitting the T34 without penetrating but caused its crew to bail out who then fled in the next turn.

M3 halftrack explodes - only 4 infantry survived
We used Rules of Engagement for this game.

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  1. This must be your shortest ever game report Bill.

    Still it looks like it was a great game!