Friday, January 6, 2012

Pharaoh's Tomb adventure game

This year our New Years game was held at Hugh Wilson's house and it was a game of his Pharaoh's Tomb adventure game. Hugh took this game to the last Partizan show at Newark where it was much admired.

Tomb - surface view with with top still on
Here is a link to the full FlickR photo set with descriptions.

Since our play tests last year Hugh has radically simplified the combat system and this has considerably speeded up play. We had 8 players this time with 4 teams of 2 players entering the tomb at each corner with the objective of reaching the Pharaohs sarcophagus in the centre of the tomb and then exiting via the opposite corner. Along the way you find treasure, scrolls, combat monsters, secret passages and get beset by all sorts of other random events. The important factors for the players are how many of their 6 lives are left and how quickly their torches burn down.

Tomb partly open showing treasure and superb wall art
 Ian Carter won the game by getting to the sarcophagus and exiting the tomb. Ian's last 6 moves were unbelievably lucky finding not a single monster barring his way to the exit. Colin Jack won the wooden spoon as his unlucky adventurer did not even get half way to the centre before she was cut down.

Famous last words - it is very unlikely that I will meet another of those terrible giant spider in this tomb......
Yes - it is another giant spider!
My thanks to Susanne for proving the excellent catering on the day - Moroccan lamb tagine and Nile mud pie cake!


  1. Say those are some great looking walls!


  2. I have a recipe for Moroccan tagine wish I could have been there just for the food. I tend to stay away from spiders too many encountered in the World of Grey hawk years ago. - V

  3. Great looking boards and the food sounds yummy!