Saturday, September 17, 2011

This week - WWII Reinforcements

I did not get to the SESWC this week so there is no new game to report. My stepson Alex came to visit us from Moscow for the first time in 5 years so it was a busy week at home.
As I said before I have 2 main projects at the moment - continuing to add units to my AWI collection and building up my Russian and French forces for the 200th Anniversary of the battle of Borodino in 2012. The other major part of my collection to which I continue to occasionally make additions is my 20mm WWII collection. Here are some new additions.

The first 2 photos are of models that Alex brought me from Moscow. There are a pair of Katyusha rocket launchers and a SU122 SPG. They are ready built 1/72 models from the Russian Tank magazine collection which is sold in Russia. I have dry brushed the models with sandstone and mounted them on the new smart pill (cartouche) shaped MDF bases from Warbases

The other photo is of a German Wirbelwind Quad 20mm AA SPG which I bought painted on Ebay with some other vehicles. I have been looking for a Wirbelwind for quite some time so bought the lot to get the wirbelwind. The others I have resold on Ebay. I have finished this the same as the new Russian Tank models.

Alex also brought me 3 of the very impressive T35 models from the Russian Tank Collection - I am still thinking about how to base those dreadnoughts.

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