Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Latest game and more additions....

Last week’s game that I played at the SESWC on Thursday evening was a 1/1200 naval game set about 1908. Our resident naval expert Angus Konstam devised the scenario. I commanded the Russian naval squadron and all was going well until both my battleships, the Tsesarevich and the Slava, blew up in a single turn due to suffering direct magazine hits from HMS Venerable. My most powerful ship the Slava was very unfortunate as it was the first hit that she had suffered.

Disaster strikes the Russian squadron
 A full report is on Angus’ website:


As I said before I have 2 main projects at the moment - continuing to add units to my AWI collection and building up my Russian and French forces for the 200th Anniversary of the battle of Borodino in 2012. Here are this months additions -

First is a new unit of militia that I have added to my Patriot forces for the AWI. I bought these 16 painted Front Rank figures on eBay and I have matt varnished them and rebased them to match my other units. The MDF bases are from Warbases and the Silflor tufts were supplied by Mutineer Miniatures.

Secondly here is the latest force to be added to my Russian Army. A Brigade of Mounted Jaegers consisting of 2 units of 16 Mounted Jaegers - representing the 1st Arsamas Regiment and the 4th Nezhinsk regiment. Yes I know that Mounted Jaegers were only added to the Russian Army in 1813 - but they look good.

The figures are by Foundry and were painted by the team at Reinforcements by Post. They were based by myself - the MDF bases are from Warbases and the Silflor tufts were supplied by Mutineer Miniatures.

1st Arsamas Regiment
4th Nezhinsk Regiment
New Foundry early Russian command

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  1. The naval game looks brilliant. I didn't manage to play any naval games at SESWC- perhaps I should have!

    I like the AWI and the Nappy stuff too Bill- all good stuff.

    Now, to pop over to angus' site to see what happened next :O)