Saturday, May 7, 2011

Carronade Falkirk show SESWC display - GCH......

The SESWC for its demonstartion game at Carronade put on my game of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse 1781.

Grenadiers stopped short of fence by militia firepower
 We used the Ob and troop ratings set out in my GCH page.

Link to Flickr photoset of the game

The British in this refight were actually less successful than in the games played at my house.  They still had not broken thru the American 1st line when we finished the display.  Good militia shooting, poor British shooting and great American morale throws were the main factor...
It was a good game - and a good looking demonstration.  My thanks to Colin Jack, Hugh Wilson, Dave Pearson and Dave O'Brien for providing scenery and backup material, moving the troops and to everyone that showed an interest and took so many photos.  I spent a lot of the day speaking to so many enthusiasts about the battle, game, scenery, rules and figures.
Carronade was a good show wth lots of displays and traders - well worth attending.  I stocked on Silflor tufts.  Our next show where we are putting on a display will be Partizan at the end of May..


  1. Hi Bill
    Great looking game. Very nice figures and terrain. Played BP AWI myself last week loosly based on Camden. I was on the British side and we also had a tough time against the Militia. Very nice blog too.

  2. Great looking game and one like the many others that I missed at Carronade having arrived at 2.45pm. My shopping list took priority and that, as they say, was that. By all accounts i missed a number of excellent games :O(


  3. Bill, lovely looking table, made all the more appealing by the addition of the various flags and quality literature on display.