Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Last Wednesday I put on a 28mm BP2 Napoleonic game at home.  There were 4 players myself and John Perkin played the British commanders and Colin Jack and Donald Adamson commanded the French forces.  The game was a fictional one set during the retreat of Wellington’s army from Burgos. 

The British were a rear-guard force holding a ridge line covering the retreat.  They had 2 infantry brigades each of 3 line battalions, a skirmishing detachment and a field battery.  They also had a brigade of 2 dragoon regiments and a brigade of 2 light dragoon regiments plus a horse battery.   The French had 2 brigades each of 4 line battalions and a foot battery.  They also had a light brigade of 2 light battalions and a skirmishing detachment.  Their cavalry consisted of a brigade of 2 dragoon regiments and a light brigade of a chasseur regiment and a lancer regiment plus horse battery.  One British infantry brigade and 1 French infantry brigade consisted of veteran units.

It proved to be a good game with the dragoons rushing to engage each other on the British left.  This was the highlight of the game.  The British dragoons swept both French units from the field and then fell onto the flank of the French infantry engaging the British line along the ridge line.  They broke a battalion and a sweeping advance destroyed a French battery.  The French light cavalry counter attacked and their lancers drove the dragoons back away from the French infantry.

A good game – overall a draw.  It was the first game using my newly painted Warbases mdf movement trays.

British lines await the French columns

Polish grenadiers surge into a doomed British foot battery

Highland receives the Polish attack

Action along the ridge as the Dragoons prepare to engage on the left wing


  1. Great looking game and figures, Bill! I am itching to play more BP2 soon myself.