Sunday, October 14, 2018


This Saturday I went to Forfar to attend SKELP the Angus Wargames Club’s annual show.  SKELP is a small show but It has all you expect from a show - demonstration and public participation games, trade stands, a painting competition (with trophies and prizes), a bring and buy sale, raffle, and catering.

Myself, Ray Neal and Tim Watson presented the Gothenburg Gamers PP game which was my 75mm Wild West gunfight game using Playmobil figures and scenery.  It is 100% plastic and nothing was painted!  
There were some nice looking games at the show.  It was a good enjoyable day meeting fellow enthusiasts.  The time went very quickly for me speaking to people about the game and explaining the very simplified version of Legends of the Old West rules that we were using to the junior players and their parents.  We got thru 5 games at the show – a record I think for one of our PP games.
To make the day perfect we won the trophy for best PP game!  Some photos of our game.  All my photos from the show on flickr at

Sheriff  Duke defends the jailhouse

The Outlaw gang attacking the jail -  some truly appalling shooting!

The posses - Texas Rangers, Cowboys, Outlaws and the Lawmen

Happy parent and players

Boy in red top about to whup his dad!

Someone finally decides to get to a roof top - note someone carrying big crate below

Helped by his gang and a big stick of dynamite Pink Bob escapes from jail.

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