Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Here is our handout from our Gothenburg Gamers PP game at Partizan II.  Sorry I only have photos of our game as did not find my camera until we were just about to start packing up.  
Our public participation game this year is a Wild West gun fighting game using Playmobil figures!  The rules we are using are the classic The Legends of the Old West which are simple, fast and enjoyable.

I was inspired to try Playmobil for gaming when I was sorting through a Playmobil collection which a friend gave me to sell for his son.  That young man has just now passed out from Sandhurst.
Our game involves 6 possible types of posses of 4 or 5 figures each.  Four posses take part in each game.  The choice of posses are Lawmen, Texas Rangers, Cowboys, Desperadoes, US Cavalry and Injuns  (Oops I mean Native Americans).  There will be 2 good guy posses and 2 bad guy posses in each game.  Each player is given a mission to complete which along with the Playmobil figures taken out of action adds to their victory score.  Each game has a time limit of about 60 minutes or until two of the posses head for the hills.            
I can proudly say that other than the base mat none of the figures, buildings or scenery have been painted or customised by us – they are all 100% normal Playmobil!  I hope this game helps get some other packed away toy collections into action.

The Gothenburg is an “Arts and Crafts” style pub in Prestonpans built in the first years of the 20th century.  There used to be several of these around the country.  The idea was that all profits from the pub went back into the community.  It is still run with that principle in mind and the return to the community is in the form of art.  There are eight Gamers – Donald Adamson, Bill Gilchrist, Colin Jack, Bill Miller, Ray Neal, Dave O’Brien, Tim Watson and Dave Paterson.  The five of us who attended travelled down to Partizan II by train from Edinburgh.

The games next public outing will be to Skelp on 13th October at Forfar.
View down the table

The 6 posses and townsfolk

Mr Ray studying the rules

Colin inspiring interest

View from back of saloon - note mugs of foaming beer

Bank teller awaiting a deposit or a robbery
Our new banner and Mr Ray still studying the rules

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  1. Rumour has it that Mike Thompson was at the show.

    Did you speak to him.