Tuesday, October 24, 2017


On Saturday I went to Dean bowling Club where Angus Konstam had organised a Trafalgar Day anniversary game.  It was a game involving all the ships of the line involved at Trafalgar fought using the Kiss Me Hardy rules but without the historical deployment.  Jack Glanville and John Ewing acted as the busy umpires. 

Each of the 12 players commanded a squadron of ships.  Overall the Franco-Spanish fleet held its own against the Royal Navy.  My 5 ship Spanish squadron lost one 74 struck to the British but my flagship the Santa Anna captured 2 British 74s.  The rules worked well in a huge action with half the players never having used the rules before.  It was an enjoyable event with cheap beer!

Rearmost squadrons closing

Spanish 3 deckers opening fire

British engage leading French squadron

Santissima Trinadad in action.  Note the  British have kept their tidy line.


  1. You forget to mention Bill, that on our side of the table I captured four French ships, and I think He's captured snother. I don't really see that as the Allies "holding their own"!

  2. Good looking game but I'm sure Nelson must have won!