Tuesday, September 6, 2016


I was at Falkirk and District Wargames Club for a game this week.  Dave Paterson has been busy rebasing a huge collection of 15mm Colonial figures that he bought.  He is about half way thru the project so we decided to give the Madhists an outing against an Anglo-Egyptian force.
Madhist centre with skirmishers in the village

Madhist right wing.  Proved to be cautious troops made 1 move in 3 turns!

The isolated Egyptian brigade - got flanked but broke their Madhist opponents

We used Black Powder with the amended turn sequence.  It was a very enjoyable game.  Two of my three Madhist commands failed to move on the first 2 turns.  My left wing force however advanced quickly and engaged the Egyptian brigade who though in a very bad position broke the Madhist command!  My right wing command managed finally to move and engaged the combined British Naval and Rifle brigade and wiped them all out.  Even with their Stoic rerolls.  At that point we declared the game a draw.

Centre - Madhists finally charge home on the British line and break!


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    1. Thanks Ray - the 15mm figures worked on 30mm square bases. My 28mm figures are on 40mm square bases. Another 16 units of Madhists are being based.

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    1. Thanks Jim - good to get back into gaming regularly again.

  3. Impressive and beautiful looking armies sir!