Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I have not put up many reports in the past month as my close wargaming friend Hugh Wilson died suddenly at the beginning of April.  Hugh was recovering at home from an operation on his knee when he suffered a DVT.  It was completely unexpected.  Hugh was 55 and one of the younger members of our gaming group.  I cannot recall him ever being ill.

Hugh is a great loss to our gaming as he staged and built the terrain used in some of our best ever games as you can read in my blog reports.

He was a very good friend, a great enthusiast, who will be very sadly missed.

A happy Hugh presenting Bart with a wooden spoon at one of his games.

Bart Zynda  has written a report on this sad news with photos of many of Hugh’s gaming tables see



  1. Such a sad loss. The local wargaming community will miss Hugh an awful lot as he had so many friends and contacts here, there and everywhere.

    I'll miss the little guy with the big smile.

  2. You have my condolences Bill.


  3. Very sad news. I looked at some of the pictures you shared, such talent. Condolences to those who knew him.

  4. It's a shock when a friend goes, doubly so when suddenly and so young. Hugh had an eye for a bargain and found numerous kits for me from charity shops and flea markets. He'd pitch up to the Phoenix in Glasgow with a wealth of goodies. He had time for everyone and will be sadly missed.

  5. This is a such a shock! I knew Hugh, initially through trading on Ebay and latterly from meeting at shows. He was always friendly and enthusiastic. A great loss!

  6. I was only graced with gentleman for 4 months in 2011 - glancing at this post of my friend Bill Gilchrist still stuns me at Hugh's passing. He was always mice to me. And his art of terrain was a gift to the eye, games a passion of enjoyment. His spot at the table will be missed by many of his friends! Warm regards and Condolences to His friends and Mrs Wilson - David Cooper Atlanta Georgia USA