Friday, February 13, 2015


I was at Hugh Wilson’s this week for the 2nd part of our Battle of Berwick VBCW game.  Tim Watson worked out the scenario for the first game and Colin Jack the scenario for this second game.  Hugh has done great work again on the terrain for the games.  Due to camera problems I did not get any photos for either game but I have used Dave O’Brien’s photos for this report.  Bart wrote a report on the first game which is at

View from the sea showing 2 of the 3 bridges
The scenario over the 2 games was that the forces of the Scottish Republic had captured Berwick in the first game and this game was the counter-attack by the forces of the BUF and the Northern Militia.  We had 7 players for the game plus 2 umpires/supporters.

BUF forces advance on the bridges and their obstacles
The BUF outnumbered the Scots by approximately 2 to1 but due to command limitations within Bolt Action they could not deploy all their strength onto the table.  The highlight of the game was the airstrikes by both sides which went astray hitting their own units. 

Armour action at the railway bridge
At the end of the game the BUF had cleared two of the bridges but not entered the town.  We have decided for the game that night has fallen and the BUF will fall back to the south bank to regroup.   This game will be continued…….

Bart has written a report of this 2nd game including the OB:

BUF airforce strikes it's own side - pinning 6 of my units - terrible mercenary pilot


  1. Great stuff Bill.... it's great to see how much everyone's VBCW collections have grown since those 'early' days when I was still at SESCW.

    Now to check out the Rep.


    1. Darrell
      All of the troops in this game are Colin's. What started as a small collection for skirmishes has just grown and grown....

    2. I remember Colin pulling out Triumph and Tragedy all those years ago- I actually really like the rules for small games.

      I'm currently part of a playtest group that will be producing some Colonial rules for Osprey, that's all I'm allowed to say but they should be really fantastic.


  2. It was great game Bill. Dave made very good pictures. I shall put my report later this evening as soon I got the troops list from Colin.

  3. Wow - impressive game - huge layout with cool terrain!

  4. Looks fabulous - love the ships...