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Having been inspired by last week’s Mtsensk game I put together another 20mm Operation Barbarossa Rapidfire game for my visit to Falkirk Wargames Club.  I supplied the troops, scenario and most of the scenery.  I setup a scenario so that I could use my T35 tanks.

T35s rumble onto the table and one breaks down!
On 26th October 8th Mechanised Corps was ordered to counter-attack attack the German advance.  Its 34th Tank Division and elements of the 12th Tank Division advanced northwards, cutting the main road between Dubno and Brody.  The 34th then advanced east towards Dubno.  This forced the 16th Panzer Division to wheel round and attack the 34th Tank Division in the area of Verba in order to clear the road. 

The 34th Tank Division was the only division equipped with T35 tanks.  They had previously served with the 50th Tank Brigade - the Moscow parade unit. 

BT7 and T26 battalions lead the advance
How the game played
This is a tank heavy meeting engagement and both sides were limited in the numbers of units that could enter each turn.  Dave Paterson commanded the Soviets, Kevin Bowman the Germans whilst I umpired. 

The Germans started the game sweeping onto the table with their 2 companies of Panzer IIIs which the Soviets countered with thei T26 and Bt7 battalions.  In turn 2 the Soviet T35 land dreadnoughts drove onto the table but one of them immediately broke down.  A single heavy damge hit caused the BT7 battalion to flee from the table.  The plucky T26s and the giant T35s fought on eventually destroying both companies of Panzer IIIs.  However the Germans finally got their antitank unit and lighter vehicles into action and they dealt with the T26s – one surviving tank fleeing the table.  The 2 mobile T35s were then destroyed by the Panzer IVs and that effectively ended the game.  I am going to restage this game at the SESWC in 2 weeks.

German armour advancing but 1st company is in trouble
Historically the 34th Tank division had no T35s surviving on 27 June – just 5 days into the campaign.


34th Tank Division

68th Tank Regt
1st btn: 3 T35 Land Dreadnoughts *
2nd btn: 4 BT7 fast tanks
3rd btn: 4 T26 light tanks

34th Motor Rifle Regt, 1st btn
HQ:  CO + 3 figures including 50mm Mtr, car
Rifle Coy:  8 figures, truck
Rifle Coy:  8 figures, truck
Rifle Coy:  8 figures, truck
Supp Coy:  MMG, 82mm Mtr, 6 figures, truck

34th Recon Btn
2 T37/38 Light Amphib Tanks, FAI armoured car (Note:  I forgot this unit for the game so substituted a flamethrowing T26 tank)

Morale – Regular.  Infantry test as 1 unit. 
Tanks and armoured cars are poor except for T35 battalion which are elite. 
Tanks and armoured cars test per battalion

*T35s are unreliable so after moving dice and on a 6 the model breaks down.  It can still fire but cannot move.

Tank battle in full swing.....

Two T35s burning -a  sad end to a gallant action

2nd PANZER REGT, 1st Battalion

1st Coy: 2 PZIII
2nd Coy:2 PZIII
3rd Coy: 2 PZIV
4th Coy: 2 PZII
5th Coy: 2 PZII

16th MC Battalion
HQ: CO + 5 Figs incl ATR, 50mm Mtr, car
1st MC Coy:  9 Figs on 3 MC combinations
2nd MC Coy: 9 Figs on 3 MC combinations
3rd MC Coy:  9 Figs on 3 MC combinations
4th MG Coy: 2 MMG, 81mm Mtr, 9 Figs, truck
5th Hvy Coy:  50mm ATG, 75mm IG, 6 Figs, 2 trucks

16TH Recon Battalion
Coy: 2 Sd231 6-rad armoured cars

16th Panzerjager Battalion
Coy:  Panzerjager I
Coy:  3 37mm ATG each 3 crew and tow

Artillery Support
16 PZ Art Regt:  2 105mm How, 8 crew, 2 tows off-table
Plus FO, Car on-table

Morale – Regular. 
Tanks are ELITE. 
Infantry test as 1 unit. 
Tanks and armoured cars test per company.

As stated above I did restage this game this week at the SESWC with slightly changed forces as I had sold a T35 and once again it proved a German victory.  Bart has written a full account on his blog at

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  1. Great looking game Bill. We need to try this scenario one day in our club.